Multihop relaying in TDMA networks can provide significant gains in network throughput and reduce outage probability. Diversity schemes such as multihop maximal ratio combining can be used in networks to increase throughput without consuming additional radio resources. This paper presents novel diversity- and AMC (adaptive modulation and coding)aware routing algorithms that result in significant throughput gains and outage reductions without requiring additional resources. An important observation is the need for mixed analog and digital relaying to enhance performance when using multihop maximal ratio combining.

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Conference IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM'03
Hares, S. (S.), Yanikomeroglu, H, & Hashem, B. (B.). (2003). Diversity- and AMC (Adaptive Modulation and Coding)-Aware Routing in TDMA Multihop Networks. In Conference Record / IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (pp. 458–463).