The need for a rapid-To-deploy solution for providing wireless cellular services can be realized by unmanned aerial vehicle base stations (UAV-BSS). To the best of our knowledge, this letter is the first in literature that studies a novel 3-D UAV-BS placement that maximizes the number of covered users with different quality-of-service requirements. We model the placement problem as a multiple circles placement problem and propose an optimal placement algorithm that utilizes an exhaustive search (ES) over a 1-D parameter in a closed region. We also propose a low-complexity algorithm, namely, maximal weighted area (MWA) algorithm to tackle the placement problem. Numerical simulations are presented showing that the MWA algorithm performs very close to the ES algorithm with a significant complexity reduction.

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Keywords coverage, drone, optimization, Unmanned aerial vehicles
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Journal IEEE Wireless Communications Letters
Alzenad, M. (Mohamed), El-Keyi, A. (Amr), & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2018). 3-D Placement of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base Station for Maximum Coverage of Users with Different QoS Requirements. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 7(1), 38–41. doi:10.1109/LWC.2017.2752161