The 8B flux from elastic scattering (ES) and charged current (CC) of electrons was recorded at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) between November 2, 1999 and January 15, 2001. Data were partitioned into two sets then analyzed. As a result, the first direct indication of a nonelectron flavor component in the solar neutrino flux was established.

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Ahmad, Q.R. (Q. R.), Allen, R.C. (R. C.), Andersen, T.C. (T. C.), Anglin, J.D. (J. D.), Bühler, G. (G.), Barton, J.C. (J. C.), … Yeh, M. (M.). (2001). Measurement of the rate of ve + d → p + p + e- interactions produced by 8B solar neutrinos at the sudbury neutrino observatory. Physical Review Letters, 87(7).