Many types of landslides are inherently linked to climate variables, and therefore, there is serious concern that climate change may increase landslide hazards in many regions. This chapter concentrates on different landslide processes in temperature sensitive high mountains, including between: (1) rock and ice avalanches; (2) debris flows from deglaciated areas; and (3) landslides that involve dynamic interactions with glacial and river processes. Statistical methods for changes in landslide magnitude-frequency characteristics, of recent processes case studies and mass movement modeling approaches are analyzed and reviewed.

Climate change, Glacier, Permafrost, Rock-ice avalanche, Slope failure
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Huggel, C. (C.), Gruber, S, & Korup, O. (O.). (2013). Landslide Hazards and Climate Change in High Mountains. In Treatise on Geomorphology (pp. 288–301). doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-374739-6.00367-5