The genus Dietta Sharp, 1876 was previously known in the Neotropics only by D. sharpi Matthews, 1887 from Panama. This paper describes a new subgenus of Dietta, Mesodietta subgen. nov., occurring in Middle America and northern South America west of the Andes, composed of D. (M.) sharpi Matthews and eight additional new species: D. (M.) esmeraldas sp. nov., D. (M.) latidens sp. nov., D. (M.) lobidens sp. nov., D. (M.) mesoamerica sp. nov., D. (M.) mexicanus sp. nov., D. (M.) puntarenas sp. nov., D. (M.) rectispina sp. nov., and D. (M). uncinata sp. nov. Additionally, seven new species of Dietta, subgenus Dietta, are described: D. (D.) argentinensis sp. nov., D. (D.) atlantica sp. nov., D. (D.) geraisensis sp. nov., D. (D.) guiana sp. nov., D. (D.) huanuco sp. nov., D. (D.) pauloensis sp. nov., and D.(D.) sucumbios sp. nov.
Canadian Entomologist
Department of Biology

Peck, S, & Cook, J. (Joyce). (2003). Neotropical species of Dietta (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Leiodinae: Estadiini). Canadian Entomologist, 135(6), 775–810. doi:10.4039/n02-111