Ptomaphagus inyoensis is described from Poleta Cave, Inyo County, California. Its reduced, but present, eyes and reduced flight wings suggest that it is a deep soil species. The spermatheca shape and other characters suggest that it is in a group with Ptomaphagus fisus Horn, a species widespread in animal nests and burrows in the southwest, Ptomaphagus cocytus Peck, a cave-restricted species from the Grand Canyon of Arizona, and Ptomaphagus manzano Peck, a montane litter species from New Mexico. A comparative morphological analysis of the group is presented.
Canadian Entomologist
Department of Biology

Peck, S, & Gnaspini, P. (Pedro). (1997). Ptomaphagus inyoensis n.sp., a new microphthalmic montane beetle from California (Coleoptera; Leiodidae; Cholevinae; Ptomaphagini). Canadian Entomologist, 129(4), 769–776. doi:10.4039/Ent129769-4