The beetles Parabystus inquilinus (Matthews), 1887, Scotocryptus melitophilus (Reitter), 1881, and Scotocryptus meliponae Girard, 1874, (Coleoptera; Leiodiodae; Leiodinae; Scotocryptini) are widespread wingless and eyeless inhabitants of nests of stingless bees (Hymenoptera; Apidae; Meliponini) in the Neotropics. The species are redescribed from Costa Rica and Panama, their biology reviewed, and additional country records are given. A lectotype is designated for Parabystus inquilinus.

Department of Biology

Peck, S. (2003). The eyeless inquiline genera Parabystus and Scotocryptus of Costa Rica and Panama; inhabitants of nests of stingless bees (Coleptera: Leiodidae). Sociobiology, 42(1), 65–80.