The Galápagos aleocharine rove beetles are reviewed. Fifteen species (3 new), in 9 genera and 7 tribes are recognised in our collections: Athetini: Atheta (Acrotona) pseudoclaudiensis sp. n. (endemic), A. (Atheta) coriaria (Kraatz) (introduced, new record), A. lurida (Erichson) (native), A. dichroa (Gravenhorst) (native), A. galapagoensis Pace (endemic); Myllaenini: Myllaena leleupi Pace (endemic); Rothium littoralis sp. n. (probably endemic); Hypocyphtini (=Oligotini): Oligota (Holobus) chrysopyga Kraatz (introduced, new record); Homalotini (=Bolitocharini): Diesota (Apheloglossa) franziana (Pace) (status uncertain, possibly endemic), D. (Apheloglossa) leleupi Pace (probably endemic), Phanerota tridentata sp. n. (probably introduced), Thecturota franzi Pace (probably endemic); Falagriini: Myrmecocephalus concinnus (Erichson) (introduced, new record); Placusini: Euvira scalesia sp. n. (endemic, new record) and Oxypodini: Feluva franzi Pace (probably endemic). The tribes Falagriini, Hypocyphtini and Placusini are reported from the islands for the first time. Diesota galapagosensis Pace (1985a), and Rothium ashlocki Ahn & Ashe (1996), previously reported from Galápagos, are not confirmed in our material. All but the unconfirmed species are described/redescribed and their diagnostic features illustrated. Data on bionomics and species affiliations are briefly discussed. Keys for identification are provided. Most naturally occurring species occur in the arid vegetation zone. The 17 known species seem to represent at least 17 separate colonization events.

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Revue Suisse de Zoologie
Department of Biology

Klimaszewski, J. (Jan), & Peck, S. (1998). A review of Aleocharine Rove Beetles from the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae). Revue Suisse de Zoologie (Vol. 105, pp. 221–260). doi:10.5962/bhl.part.80036