This paper is a review and revision of the tribe Sogdini (Coleoptera: Leoididae: Leiodinae) of North and Central America. It covers the following genera: Triarthron Markel, 1840, with one species; Hydnobius Schmidt, 1841, with seven species; Stereus Wollaston, 1857, new for North America, with one species; Sogda Lopatin, 1961, new for North America, with two species; Kalohydnobius new genus, with three species; Macrohydnobius new genus, with six species; and Platyhydnobius new genus, with eight species. The species are inhabitants of northern and mountain forests or sandy habitats. Larvae and adults probably feed on subterranean fungi. The following new synonyms are recognized: Triarthron pennsylvanicum Horn, 1883 = T. lecontei Horn, 1868; Hydnobius luggeri Hatch, 1927 = H. substriatus LeConte, 1863; Hydnobius lobatus Hatch, 1936 = H. longidens LeConte, 1879; Hydnobius longulus LeConte, 1879 = Sogda obtusa (LeConte, 1879); Hydnobius femoratus Hatch, 1936 = Kalohydnobius strigilatus (Horn, 1880); and Hydnobius stacesmithi Hatch, 1957 = Macrohydnobius matthewsii (Crotch, 1874). Hydnobius kiseri Hatch, 1936 and/f. longidens LeConte, 1879 are resurrected from synonymy to valid species status. The following new combinations are established: Sogda obtusa (LeConte, 1879), ex Hydnobius; Kalohydnobius strigilatus (Horn, 1880), ex Hydnobius; Macrohydnobius contortus (Hatch, 1957), ex Hydnobius; M. crestonensis (Hatch, 1957), ex Hydnobius; M. matthewsii (Crotch, 1874), ex Hydnobius; M. simulator (Brown, 1932), ex Hydnobius; Platyhydnobius arizonensis (Horn, 1885), ex Hydnobius; and P. validus (Brown 1932), ex Hydnobius. Lectotypes are designated for Hydnobius substriatus LeConte, 1863; H pumilus LeConte, 1879; H. obtusus LeConte, 1879; H. longulus LeConte, 1879; H. strigilatus Horn, 1880 and H. matthewsii Crotch, 1874. New species are Hydnobius acarinus, H. autumnalis, Stereus arenarius, Sogda enigma, Kalohydnobius californicus, K dentatus, Macrohydnobius montanus, M. tibiocalcaris, Platyhydnobius andersoni, P. bicolor, P. calvario, P. howdenorum, P. latigra, and P. newtonorum.

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Department of Biology

Peck, S, & Cook, J. (Joyce). (2009). Review of the Sogdini of North and Central America (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Leiodinae) with descriptions of fourteen new species and three new genera. Zootaxa (pp. 1–74).