The Aphodiine fauna of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, is reviewed. Ten species in two genera are now recorded for the archipelago. Two species, Ataenius cristobalensis sp.nov. and Ataenius floreanae sp.nov., are described. Ataenius leleupi Petrovitz is placed in synonymy. Two previously described species, Ataenius gracilis (Melsheimer) and Ataenius liogaster Bates, are newly recorded as recent introductions to the islands. A key to species is included. We hypothesize that wing dimorphism for the species of the genus Ataenius Harold endemic to the Galapagos underwent the following evolutionary stages: (1) colonization, (2) adaptation to high-elevation moist forest, and (3) speciation and extinction.
Canadian Entomologist
Department of Biology

Cook, J. (Joyce), & Peck, S. (2000). Aphodiinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) of the Galápagos Islands. Canadian Entomologist, 132(3), 281–300. doi:10.4039/Ent132281-3