In North America, the tribe Cholevini (Coleoptera: Leiodidae) is composed of the genera Prionochaeta Horn with 1 species, Catoptrichus Murray with 1 species, Sciodrepoides Hatch with 3 species, and Catops Paykull with 17 species. The species are mostly forest inhabitants that feed on carrion and other decaying materials, but some occur in tundra habitats, in caves, and in rodent burrows. Resurrected status is proposed for Sciodrepoides terminans (LeConte). The subspecies status of Sciodrepoides watsoni hornianus (Blanchard) is not supported. Lectotypes are designated for Catops terminans LeConte (= Sciodrepoides terminans (LeConte)), Choleva gratiosa Blanchard (= Catops gratiosus (Blanchard)), and Choleva egena Horn (= Catops egenus (Horn)). Neotypes are designated for Catops simplex Say and Catops basilaris Say. Catops luteipes Thomson is reported from North America for the first time. New species are Sciodrepoides latinotum Peck and Cook sp.nov., Catops paramericanus Peck and Cook sp.nov., Catops apterus Peck and Cook sp.nov., and Catops meridionalis Peck and Cook sp.nov. Four Catops species are Holarctic in distribution, whereas the others are restricted to North America, south to Mexico.
Canadian Entomologist
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Peck, S, & Cook, J. (Joyce). (2002). Systematics, distributions, and bionomics of the small carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Cholevini) of North America. Canadian Entomologist, 134(6), 723–787. doi:10.4039/Ent134723-6