Eight species of Strepsiptera have been reported so far from Florida, but none from the Bahamas. This study reports five species from southern subtropical Florida, and one species from Andros Island, the Bahamas. Of these, Floridoxenos monroensis gen.nov., sp.nov. Kathirithamby and Peck (Corioxenidae: Corioxeninae) is described and added to the subfamily Corioxeninae based on the 4-segmented tarsi without claws; Stricho-trema beckeri (Oliveira and Kogan) (Myrmecolacidae) of Brazil is reported from the United States for the first time; a second record for Elenchus koebelei Pierce (Elen-chidae) from Florida is reported; and Caenocholax fenyesi Pierce (Myrmecolacidae) is a new record for Bahamas. This latter species is generally a widespread parasite of fire ants in the southern parts of North America, in the West Indies, and in the northern Neotropics.

The Canadian Entomologist
Department of Biology

Kathirithamby, J. (Jeyaraney), & Peck, S. (1994). Strepsiptera of south florida and the bahamas with the description of a new genus and new species of corioxenidae. The Canadian Entomologist, 126(1), 125–134. doi:10.4039/Ent126125-1