Some 98 species of beetles in 20 families were found. Species are grouped according to 4 different stages of maturity of the fungus fruiting body. Beetles were numerically most abundant on the fungus in the stage before ripening of the spores, but the greatest species diversity was in the final senescent stage of the dry fruiting body. Greatest numerical abundance and species diversity occurred during May. Beetles are tentatively grouped into ecological categories of mycetobionts, mycetophiles and mycetoxenes. -from Authors
Canadian Journal of Zoology
Department of Biology

Klimaszewski, J. (J.), & Peck, S. (1987). Succession and phenology of beetle faunas ( Coleoptera) in the fungus Polyporellus squamosus (Huds.: Fr.) Karst. ( Polyporaceae) in Silesia, Poland. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 65(3), 542–550. doi:10.1139/z87-084