ESA's Advanced Concepts Team considers biomimetics as a means of finding new and realistic technologies for application in future space missions. Biomimetics could provide optimal solutions in spacecraft and payload design through genetic resources leading to the evolution of organisms compliant with the prevailing environment. A more systematic adoption of biomimetics in space systems design could involve a new approach that treats a functional unit in a concurrent and a multidisciplinary way. Biomimetics also has potential applications in the use of biomimetic automation and data-fusion algorithms in Earth-observation systems, and biomimetic-based environmental control and life-support subsystems.

European Space Agency Bulletin
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Menon, C. (Carlo), Ayre, M. (Mark), & Ellery, A. (2006). Biomimetics - A new approach for space system design. European Space Agency Bulletin (pp. 20–26).