A set of validation test cases are presented for comparing the results of mid-level detailed ground-coupled heat transfer models typically used with whole-building energy simulation software to verified detailed numerical ground-coupled heat transfer models. A new validation methodology development is also presented that uses an analytical solution for verifying detailed numerical models for overall correctness and proper application. The verified models then form the basis for developing a secondary mathematical truth standard based on their results versus the analytical solution in the initial case, and versus each other as the test cases progress incrementally.

11th International IBPSA Conference - Building Simulation 2009, BS 2009
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Neymark, J. (J.), Judkoff, R. (R.), Beausoleil-Morrison, I, Ben-Nakhi, A. (A.), Crowley, M. (M.), Deru, M. (M.), … Witte, M. (M.). (2009). Iea bestest in-depth diagnostic cases for ground coupled heat transfer related to slab-on-grade construction. In IBPSA 2009 - International Building Performance Simulation Association 2009 (pp. 1099–1106).