A mathematical model has been developed for simulating the performance of small-scale fuel-cell cogeneration systems. An experimental programme has been conducted to calibrate the model (i.e. establish its inputs) to simulate the performance of a prototype solid-oxide fuel-cell system. Data from a disjunct set of experiments were used to empirically validate this model and its calibration. Despite the challenges in calibrating some terms which are significant to the model's energy balances and despite some internally inconsistent measurements, comparisons between model predictions and quantities derived from the measurements were found to range from acceptable to excellent. Agreement was found to be best for aspects of the model that could be isolated in the simpler comparisons while agreement was less satisfactory when examining parameters that required the concurrent operation of all aspects of the model.

Building Simulation 2007, BS 2007
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Beausoleil-Morrison, I. (2007). The empirical validation of a model for smallscale fuel-cell cogeneration systems. In IBPSA 2007 - International Building Performance Simulation Association 2007 (pp. 507–514).