Some of the basic concepts of space robotics with an emphasis on some specific challenging areas of on-orbit servicing (OOS) research that were peculiar to the application of robotics to space infrastructure development are discussed. The Solar Maximum Repair Mission (SMRM) of 1984 was the first demonstration of OOS by astronauts in combination with software workarounds uploaded from the ground, and teleoperation of the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS) by an astronaut. The Solar Maximum Repair Mission represents a case of OOS, involving the exchange of Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU) modules. The Japanese ETS (Engineering Test Satellite) VII of 1996 had also demonstrated many of the basic technologies for robotic OOS, including autonomous rendezvous and docking to a target, teleoperated manipulator movement control whilst maintaining stable attitude, and vision/force feedback based peg-inhole tasks.

International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ellery, A. (2004). Space robotics part 2: Space-basedmanipulators. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 1(1), 213–216.