Our progress in subwavelength structures in silicon waveguides is reviewed. Several practical implementations of subwavelength grating waveguides are discussed, including fibre-chip couplers, waveguide crossings and athermal waveguides.

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Keywords athermal waveguide, grating coupler, periodic waveguide, Subwavelength grating, waveguide crossing
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/GROUP4.2011.6053709
Conference 8th IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, GFP 2011
Cheben, P. (Pavel), Schmid, J.H. (Jens H.), Bock, P.J. (Przemek J.), Lapointe, J. (Jean), Janz, S. (Siegfried), Xu, D.-X. (Dan-Xia), … Hall, T.J. (Trevor J.). (2011). Subwavelength structures in SOI waveguides. In IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics GFP (pp. 42–44). doi:10.1109/GROUP4.2011.6053709