We present a method for designing temperature independent silicon waveguide devices using the subwavelength grating effect. Photonic wire waveguides are patterned with periodic gaps and filled with SU-8 polymer to cancel the silicon thermo-optic effect.

Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, IPRSN 2011
Department of Electronics

Schmid, J.H. (J. H.), Ibrahim, M. (M.), Cheben, P. (P.), Lapointe, J. (J.), Janz, S. (S.), Densmore, P.J.B.A. (P.J. Bock A.), … Xu, D.-X. (D. X.). (2011). Athermal silicon waveguides using the subwavelength grating effect. In Optics InfoBase Conference Papers.