This essay examines the subversive political potential of censored cartoons by the Guantánamo prisoner, Sami al-Hajj. In McLuhan's terms, these cartoons constitute cool media, which I read as a rhetorical response to biopolitical (Foucault) forms of governmental power. I conclude by reflecting on the ethical demands of such media.

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Keywords biopolitics, biopolitique, cartoons, cool media, dessins, Guantánamo, insurrection, Marshall McLuhan, médium froid, Michel Foucault, Sami al-Hajj
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Journal Canadian Review of American Studies
Murray, S.J. (2012). Rhetorical insurgents: Biopolitics and the insurrectionary rhetoric of McLuhan's cool media. Canadian Review of American Studies, 42(2), 123–141. doi:10.3138/cras.42.2.123