In this paper we review recent work on enabling technologies for microphotonic devices, in particular those fabricated in silicon-on-insulator. A new waveguide coupler based on a graded index (GRIN) layer integrated with a microphotonic waveguide is described. Coupling efficiencies of up to 90% into a 0.5 μm Si waveguide are predicted using beam propagation method calculations. Recent theoretical and experimental work on the management of polarization sensitivity in SOI devices using stress engineering is reviewed. Finally, the problem of acquiring and measuring optical signals from a large number of output channels in a microphotonic device (e.g. a high channel count spectrometer) will be described, and packaging solutions employing arrays of waveguide output couplers will be compared.

Integrated Photonics Research and Applications, IPRA 2005
Department of Electronics

Janz, S. (S.), Cheben, P. (P.), Delâge, A. (A.), Lamontagne, B. (B.), Picard, M.-J. (M. J.), Xu, D.-X. (D. X.), … Ye, W.N. (2005). Enabling technologies for silicon-based microphotonics. In Optics InfoBase Conference Papers.