The high index contrast of the silicon-on-insulator waveguide system gives the optical device designer a new ability to manipulate light at the nanometer scale, tailor the interaction of light with the local environment, and reduce overall device size. This paper describes some of the unique features of the Si microphotonic waveguide system, and some of the resulting applications and challenges encountered in working with this platform. The work of our group in addressing some of the more promising applications in sensing, spectroscopy and communications is reviewed, along with our approaches to some of the technical problems involved in making silicon microphotonic devices. copyright The Electrochemical Society.

Science and Technology of Dielectrics for Active and Passive Photonic Devices - 210th Electrochemical Society Meeting
Department of Electronics

Janz, S. (S.), Cheben, P. (P.), Delâge, A. (A.), Densmore, A. (A.), Lamontagne, B. (B.), Post, E. (E.), … Ye, W.N. (2006). Silicon microphotonic waveguide technology for sensing, spectroscopy, and communications. In ECS Transactions (pp. 61–78).