We present the design and fabrication of temperature-insensitive high-index-contrast waveguides using acrylate polymer claddings. The large negative thermo-optic coefficient of the polymers effectively compensates the intrinsic positive thermo-optic effects induced from the waveguide core.

Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics Research and Applications, IPNRA 2008
Department of Electronics

Ye, W.N, Michel, J. (Jurgen), Eldada, L. (Louay), Pant, D. (Deepti), Sun, R. (Rong), Dong, P. (Po), … Kimerling, L.C. (Lionel C.). (2008). Thermo-optical compensation in high-index-contrast waveguides using polymer claddings. In Optics InfoBase Conference Papers.