There are protocols that can be used by mobile clients to discover service providers in foreign networks to which they get attached, e.g., SDP of Bluetooth and SLP of IETF. These protocols do address service discovery, but do not address the selection of a service provider among a set of candidates according to a physical proximity of the client and service provider. The goal of the research described in this paper is to integrate proximity-based selection mechanisms to service discovery protocols. We present in this paper protocols that allow nomadic clients to discover and select service providers according to physical proximity.

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Keywords Ad-hoc location sensing, Client-server, Networks, Protocols, Service discovery, Service location
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Journal Telecommunication Systems
Azondekon, V. (Victor), Barbeau, M, & Liscano, R. (Ramiro). (2003). Indoor Ad Hoc Proximity-Location Sensing for Service Provider Selection. Telecommunication Systems, 22(1-4), 95–108. doi:10.1023/A:1023482618917