Although the phase error probability density function (pdf) of the FFT-based digital interferometer has been successfully derived, the reliable numerical computation of the pdf presents practical difficulties. This paper provides a practical framework for computing the phase error pdf involving the appropriate truncation of the infinite series embedded in the mathematical formula for the phase error pdf. As a corollary, it is shown that the easily computable von Mises probability density can be used to closely approximate the phase error pdf in the high signal-to-noise ratio regime. These results are useful for analyzing the performance of interferometric direction finding systems.

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2011 Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCECE 2011
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Wang, S. (Sichun), Inkol, R. (Robert), Patenaude, F. (Francois), & Rajan, S. (2011). Numerical computation of the probability density of the phase error of the FFT-based digital interferometer. In Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (pp. 130–135). doi:10.1109/CCECE.2011.6030424