Higher order panel methods are used to solve the Laplace equation in the presence of complex geometries. These methods are useful when globally accurate velocity or potential fields are desired as in the case of vortex based fluid flow solvers. This paper develops a fast multipole algorithm to compute velocity fields due to higher order, two-dimensional vortex panels. The technique is applied to panels having a cubic geometry and a linear distribution of vorticity. The results of the present method are compared with other available techniques.

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Keywords Fast multipole method, Higher order panels, Panel method, Potential flow
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1137/S1064827502420719
Journal SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
Ramachandran, P. (Prabhu), Rajan, S, & Ramakrishna, M. (M.). (2005). A fast multipole method for higher order vortex panels in two dimensions. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 26(5), 1620–1642. doi:10.1137/S1064827502420719