The Babar and CLEO Collaborations have recently observed states decaying to Ds +π0 and Ds *+π0, respectively, and suggest the possible explanation that they are the missing P-wave cs̄ states with JP = 0+ and 1+. In this Letter we compare the properties of the DsJ *(2317)+ and DsJ (2463)+ states to those expected of the cs̄ Ds0 * and Ds1 states. We expect the Ds0 * and Ds1 with the reported masses to be extremely narrow, Γ ∼ Script O Sign(10 keV), with large branching ratios to Ds *γ for the Ds0 * and to Ds *γ and Dsγ for the Ds1. Crucial to this interpretation of the Babar and CLEO observations is the measurement of the radiative transitions. We note that it may be possible to observe the Ds1 (2536) in radiative transitions to the Ds *.
Physics Letters B
Department of Physics

Godfrey, S. (2003). Testing the nature of the DsJ *(2317) + and DsJ (2463)+ states using radiative transitions. Physics Letters B, 568(3-4), 254–260. doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2003.06.049