Conventional training simulators commonly use a hexapod configuration to provide motion cues. While widely used, studies have shown that hexapods are incapable of producing the range of motion required to achieve high fidelity simulation required in many applications. A novel alternative is the Atlas motion platform. This paper presents a new generalized kinematic model of the platform which can be applied to any spherical platform actuated by three omnidirectional wheels. In addition, conditions for slip-free and singularity-free motions are identified. Two illustrative examples are given for different omnidirectional wheel configurations.

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Keywords Fully dexterous reachable workspace, Kinematic slip, Omnidirectional wheels, Spherical motion platform
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Journal Meccanica
Hayes, M.J.D, Langlois, R.G, & Weiss, A. (Abraham). (2011). Atlas motion platform generalized kinematic model: Atlas motion platform. Meccanica, 46(1), 17–25. doi:10.1007/s11012-010-9374-0