This paper presents analysis of the dynamics and vibration of an orientation motion platform utilizing a sphere actuated by omnidirectional wheels. The purpose of the analysis is to serve as a design tool for the construction of a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform with unlimited rotational motion. The equations of motion are presented taking flexibility of the system into account. The behaviour of the system is illustrated by sample configurations with a range of omnidirectional wheel types and geometries. Vibration analysis follows, and sensitivity to various parameters is investigated. It is determined that the geometry of omnidirectional wheels has a significant effect on the behaviour of the system.

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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Weiss, A. (A.), Langlois, R.G, & Hayes, M.J.D. (2015). Dynamics and vibration analysis of the interface between a non-rigid sphere and omnidirectional wheel actuators. Robotica, 33(9), 1850–1868. doi:10.1017/S0263574714001088