This perspective examines the detection of rhizosphere biomarkers, namely, root exudates and microbial metabolites, using molecular recognition elements, such as molecularly imprinted polymers, antibodies, and aptamers. Tracking these compounds in the rhizosphere could provide valuable insight into the status of the crop and soil in a highly localized way. The outlook and potential impact of the combination of molecular recognition and other innovations, such as nanotechnology and precision agriculture, and the comparison to advances in personalized medicine are considered.

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Keywords antibodies, aptamers, molecularly imprinted polymers, rhizosphere, root exudates
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Journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Mastronardi, E. (Emily), Monreal, C. (Carlos), & DeRosa, M.C. (2018). Personalized Medicine for Crops? Opportunities for the Application of Molecular Recognition in Agriculture. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Vol. 66, pp. 6457–6461). doi:10.1021/acs.jafc.7b03295