GUS activities were evaluated in eight replicates of each of eight sugar beet hairy root clones, which had been derived from a single seed. Statistical analysis by the Tukey test demonstrated that 19/28 and 16/28 inter-clone comparisons were significantly different when normalised for protein concentration and DNA content respectively. Possible causes of this variation and its implications for the genetic manipulation of plant growth and development are discussed.

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Plant Growth Regulation
Department of Biology

Phillips, J.P. (J. P.), Xing, T, Gartland, J.S. (J. S.), Gartland, K.M.A. (K. M.A.), & Elliott, M.C. (M. C.). (1992). Variation in β-glucuronidase activity of clones of transformed sugar beet roots. Plant Growth Regulation, 11(3), 319–325. doi:10.1007/BF00024571