In this paper, we explore graphical passwords as a child-friendly alternative for user authentication. We evaluate the usability of three variants of the PassTiles graphical password scheme for children, and explore the similarities and differences in performance and preferences between children and adults while using these schemes. Children were most successful at recalling passwords containing images of distinct objects. Both children and adults prefer graphical passwords to their existing schemes, but password memorization strategies differ considerably between the two groups. Based on our findings, we provide recommendations for designing more child-friendly authentication schemes.

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Keywords Children authentication, Graphical passwords, Usability evaluation
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Journal International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction
Assal, H. (Hala), Imran, A. (Ahsan), & Chiasson, S. (2018). An exploration of graphical password authentication for children. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction. doi:10.1016/j.ijcci.2018.06.003