An efficient method is presented for estimation of power supply induced jitter (PSIJ). The proposed method is based on advancing the recently proposed EMPSIJ method and developing analytical relationships to handle the combined effect of both the differential transmission lines as well as the ground bounce. Practical case studies are presented demonstrating the impact of the ground bounce as well as the transmission media on the PSIJ. The proposed method provides significant speed-up compared to the conventional PSIJ estimation approaches.

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IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
Department of Electronics

Tripathi, J.N. (Jai Narayan), Javaid, A. (Ahsan), & Achar, R. (2018). Modeling the Combined Effects of Transmission Media and Ground Bounce on Power Supply Induced Jitter. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility. doi:10.1109/TEMC.2018.2851032