This paper examines whether there is a "double-negative' effect on the earnings of immigrant women arising from a possible combined negative impact of gender and birthplace on earnings. The paper finds that a double-negative effect on earnings does not appear to hold across the board for all immigrant women, but is quite marked for highly educated women; and that a conventionally estimated rate of earnings adjustment for immigrant women appears much less than that for men and is not at all statistically significant, so that any initial earnings gap relative to native-born women changes very little over the worker's career. -Authors

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Journal Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques
Beach, C.M. (C. M.), & Worswick, C. (1993). Is there a double-negative effect on the earnings of immigrant women?. Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques, 19(1), 36–53. doi:10.2307/3551789