In power grids, the active power filter (APF) is an important device for compensation of harmonic pollution and reactive power caused by nonlinear loads. However, the control method has a significant influence on the APF performance in eliminating the distorted currents. Henceforth, this paper explores the control of shunt active power filters based on: 1) instantaneous power control strategy (p-q Theory) for extracting the reference currents for APF, and 2) adaptive hysteresis current control (AHCC) strategy for performance evaluation. Different case studies are carried out such as, balanced/unbalanced source with balanced/unbalanced load, distorted source with balanced load in Matlab®/ SimPowerSystems. Simulation results highlight the effectiveness of the proposed control method.

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2017 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference, EPEC 2017
Department of Electronics

Bouzid, A.E.M. (Allal El Moubarek), Sicard, P. (Pierre), Cheriti, A. (Ahmed), Chaoui, H, & Koumba, P.M. (Paul Makanga). (2018). Adaptive hysteresis current control of active power filters for power quality improvement. In 2017 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference, EPEC 2017 (pp. 1–8). doi:10.1109/EPEC.2017.8286221