Question: Can a mobile optimized subject guide facilitate medical student access to mobile point-ofcare tools? Setting: The guide was created at a library at a research-intensive university with six teaching hospital sites. Objectives: The team created a guide facilitating medical student access to point-of-care tools directly on mobile devices to provide information allowing them to access and set up resources with little assistance. Methods: Two librarians designed a mobile optimized subject guide for medicine and conducted a survey to test its usefulness. Results: Web analytics and survey results demonstrate that the guide is used and the students are satisfied. Conclusion: The library will continue to use the subject guide as its primary means of supporting mobile devices. It remains to be seen if the mobile guide facilitates access for those who do not need assistance and want direct access to the resources. Internet access in the hospitals remains an issue.
Journal of the Medical Library Association
MacOdrum Library

Boruff, J.T. (Jill T.), & Bilodeau, E. (2012). Creating a mobile subject guide to improve access to point-of-care resources for medical students: A case study. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 100(1), 55–60. doi:10.3163/1536-5050.100.1.010