Power supply induced jitter (PSIJ) is becoming increasingly critical in modern high-speed and lower-power designs. In this paper, a semi-analytical method is presented to estimate the PSIJ in the presence of both the transmission media as well as the ground bounce. For this purpose, recently developed EMPSIJ method is extended to include the effects of both the ground bounce and the transmission line discontinuities. Results are presented by considering a voltage mode driver circuit and are compared against the conventional simulations (commercial tools) in a 55nm technology of STMicroelectronics. The new method while providing comparable accuracy yields significant speed-up.

Power delivery networks, Power supply induced jitter, Power supply noise, Transmission lines
22nd IEEE Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity, SPI 2018
Department of Electronics

Tripathi, J.N. (Jai Narayan), Jain, A. (Amit), Marinković, M. (Mate), & Achar, R. (2018). Analysis of PSIJ in the presence of both ground-bounce and transmission media. In 2018 IEEE 22nd Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity, SPI 2018 - Proceedings (pp. 1–3). doi:10.1109/SaPIW.2018.8401651