A polygon P is said to be a palm polygon if there exists a point x∈P such that the Euclidean shortest path from x to any point y∈P makes only left turns or only right turns. The set of all such points x is called the palm kernel. In this paper we propose an O(E) time algorithm for recognizing a palm polygon P, where E is the size of the visibility graph of P. The algorithm recognizes the given polygon P as a palm polygon by computing the palm kernel of P. If the palm kernel is not empty, P is a palm polygon.

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The Visual Computer
Computational Geometry Lab

Ghosh, S.K. (Subir Kumar), Maheshwari, A, Pal, S.P. (Sudebkumar Prasant), & Madhavan, C.E.V. (C.E.Veni). (1994). An algorithm for recognizing palm polygons. The Visual Computer, 10(8), 443–451. doi:10.1007/BF01910634