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Keywords Abolished in nineteenth century-1960s, and civil rights legislation in the US and the Race Relations Act in United Kingdom (UK), Apart from presence of indigenous peoples-"diaspora" derived from ancient greek diaspeirein, Cosmopolitan outlook-fostered by a global mobility, emergent among migrants, Diaspora, Diaspora and cosmopolitan citizenship, Ensuring society-wide participation, Global media policy and cultural pluralism, Identifying respective territories-upon which they make a historical claim, Media and communication policies-addressing prejudice, Media of diaspora-"ethnic media," communication operations of ethnic minorities within a country, Media policy and cultural pluralism-media policy in the area of cultural pluralism, Peoples, Policy responses to ethnicity-diversity, integral to human society, Slavery
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Karim, K. (2011). Global Media Policy and Cultural Pluralism. In The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy (pp. 276–292). doi:10.1002/9781444395433.ch17