Abolished in nineteenth century-1960s, and civil rights legislation in the US and the Race Relations Act in United Kingdom (UK), Apart from presence of indigenous peoples-"diaspora" derived from ancient greek diaspeirein, Cosmopolitan outlook-fostered by a global mobility, emergent among migrants, Diaspora, Diaspora and cosmopolitan citizenship, Ensuring society-wide participation, Global media policy and cultural pluralism, Identifying respective territories-upon which they make a historical claim, Media and communication policies-addressing prejudice, Media of diaspora-"ethnic media," communication operations of ethnic minorities within a country, Media policy and cultural pluralism-media policy in the area of cultural pluralism, Peoples, Policy responses to ethnicity-diversity, integral to human society, Slavery
School of Journalism and Communication

Karim, K. (2011). Global Media Policy and Cultural Pluralism. In The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy (pp. 276–292). doi:10.1002/9781444395433.ch17