Amyloglucosidase, pullulanase, and glucose isomerase were coimmobilized onto granular chicken bone (BIOBONETM). Enzyme ratios showing optimum glucose and fructose production (0.7:10:22.3 U amyloglucosidase: pullulanase: glucose isomerase) resulted in 14.4±1.9% of activity bound relative to an equal amount of free enzyme. The estimated specific activity for these enzymes decreased 4.6-fold with immobilization. ReactionpH strongly influenced the yield and ratio of glucose and fructose produced. Net hexose production from the immobilized system was optimal atpH 6.5 and 55°C with a fructose yield of about 20%.

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Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Department of Biology

Schafhagser, D.Y. (Doris Y.), & Storey, K. (1992). Fructose production: Coimmobilized amyloglucosidase, pullulanase, and glucose isomerase on BIOBONETM. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 36(1), 63–74. doi:10.1007/BF02950775