Much numerical information is visualized in graphs. However, this is a medium that is problematic for people with visual impairments. We have developed a system called iGraph which provides short verbal descriptions of the information usually depicted in graphs. This system was used as a preliminary solution that was validated through a process of User Needs Analysis (UNA). This process provided some basic data on the needs of people with visual impairments in terms of the components and the language to be used for graph comprehension and also validated our initial approach. The UNA provided important directions for the further development of iGraph particularly in terms of interactive querying of graphs.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Department of Psychology

Ferres, L. (Leo), Parush, A, Roberts, S. (Shelley), & Lindgaard, G. (2006). Helping people with visual impairments gain access to graphical information through natural language: The iGraph system. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science.