This article describes an innovative family-based day treatment program (DTP) for youth with moderate to severe eating disorders. A sample of 65 youth completed a battery of psychological measures pre- and post-treatment and 6 months after program completion. Treatment outcomes were assessed in three main domains: (a) medical stabilization, (b) normalization of eating behavior, and (c) improved psychological functioning. Overall, patients demonstrated statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements on all outcome measures. Findings indicate that a comprehensive DTP can successfully facilitate positive outcomes in youth with eating disorders and that these improvements can be maintained 6 months post-treatment.
Eating Disorders
Department of Psychology

Henderson, K, Buchholz, A. (Annick), Obeid, N. (Nicole), Mossiere, A. (Annik), Maras, D. (Danijela), Norris, M. (Mark), … Spettigue, W. (Wendy). (2014). A Family-Based Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program for Youth: Examining the Clinical and Statistical Significance of Short-Term Treatment Outcomes. Eating Disorders, 22(1), 1–18. doi:10.1080/10640266.2014.857512