This study explored symptoms of social anxiety and multidimensional self-esteem in a clinical, adolescent female eating disorder population. Using self-report measures, data from 344 females revealed significant negative relationships between dimensions of self-esteem and social anxiety. A diagnostic difference emerged, with the restricting subgroup reporting significantly higher perceived physical appearance and global self-worth than those with binge/purge symptoms or bulimia nervosa. No significant age differences or age by diagnosis interaction effects emerged. These findings suggest that in clinical samples of adolescent eating disorders, self-esteem and social anxiety share a significant inverse relationship and seem to remain fairly constant across adolescence.
Eating Disorders
Department of Psychology

Obeid, N. (Nicole), Buchholz, A. (Annick), Boerner, K.E. (Katelynn E.), Henderson, K, & Norris, M. (Mark). (2013). Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety in an Adolescent Female Eating Disorder Population: Age and Diagnostic Effects. Eating Disorders, 21(2), 140–153. doi:10.1080/10640266.2013.761088