This study evaluated the efficacy of a 2-hour psycho-education session combined with bi-weekly telephone support in increasing parent/caregiver knowledge about eating disorders, increasing self-efficacy by empowering parents to support their child’s recovery, and decreasing the impact of eating disorder symptoms on the family. The intervention was targeted at parents/caregivers whose child was waiting to be assessed for an eating disorder. Participants included 51 parents/caregivers and 36 youths. The brief intervention successfully increased parent/caregiver knowledge of the illness, feelings of self-efficacy, and help-seeking behaviors. These findings are clinically useful as waiting lists are common in Canada.
Eating Disorders
Department of Psychology

Spettigue, W. (Wendy), Maras, D. (Danijela), Obeid, N. (Nicole), Henderson, K, Buchholz, A. (Annick), Gomez, R. (Rebecca), & Norris, M.L. (Mark L.). (2015). A Psycho-Education Intervention for Parents of Adolescents With Eating Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Eating Disorders, 23(1), 60–75. doi:10.1080/10640266.2014.940790