This paper focuses on medium access control (MAC) alternatives that can find application in a LMDS/LMCS network capable of supporting multimedia traffic. Multi-frequency, demand assignment TDMA-based schemes appear at the moment to be a suitable choice in this context. The selected protocol should be dynamically capable of provision of multirate capabilities and quality of service guarantees. An obvious candidate for the above purpose is the LMDS-specific MAC proposal in the DAVIC 1.2 recommendation. For purposes of comparison, we also examine the evolving IEEE 802.14 MAC convergence protocol that is intended to support similar applications and services in an HFC (hybrid fiber coax) environment. The MCNS (multimedia cable network system) MAC characteristics are also briefly described.
1999 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 1999
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Tariqali, M. (M.), Grover, R. (R.), Stamatelos, G. (G.), & Falconer, D.D. (1999). MAC alternatives for LMCS/LMDS networks. In IEEE International Conference on Communications (pp. 1334–1338). doi:10.1109/ICC.1999.765559