Unlike traditional networks which are statically configured, SDN control applications are dynamic and are becoming more heterogeneous and complex. There is a great need for a framework to learn about the behavior of the various SDN applications. To the best of our knowledge, current network modeling frameworks were not designed to incorporate the application logic into their models, and thus can not be appropriately used to model SDN applications. In this paper, we suggest the possibility of leveraging the impact which control applications assert on the network information base to learn about the behavior of such applications. Based on this, we propose SDN- VSA, a framework that models SDN control applications as a set of affine transformations in some Vector Space. Finally, we present an analytical formulation for such framework, and discuss a use-case for the framework in analyzing flow-steering in SDN service chains.

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2018 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2018
School of Information Technology

Aslan, M. (Mohamed), & Matrawy, A. (2018). SDN-VSA: Modeling and Analysis of SDN Control Applications Using Vector Spaces. In IEEE International Conference on Communications. doi:10.1109/ICC.2018.8422959