Background Social media can be powerful tools for rallying support for a social cause, political mobilization, and social commentary. They can also greatly contribute to incendiary discourses and social stereotypes-often through memes. This article explores the case of one American, known by the moniker of "Sweet Brown," whose interview about a local fire made her an overnight celebrity in 2012. Analysis A frame analysis of her portrayals in legacy and social media is conducted, and reveals that social media platforms facilitate and even encourage a reductionist approach to messaging. Conclusion and implications Sweet Brown's appearance, which conjures gender, race, and socio-economic class, became a powerful tool for circulating stereotypes. The interplay between legacy and social media can serve to reproduce stereotypes and marginalization, as is evident in the case of Sweet Brown.

Framing, Legacy media, Memes, Social media, Stereotypes, Sweet brown
Canadian Journal of Communication
School of Journalism and Communication

Dobson, K. (Kathy), & Knezevic, I. (2018). "Ain't nobody got time for that!": Framing and stereotyping in legacy and social media. Canadian Journal of Communication, 43(3), 381–397. doi:10.22230/cjc.2018v43n3a3378