Background Current Western discourses on women's movements in Saudi Arabia proffer an understanding that is adverse to history and sidelines the region's local knowledges, replacing such knowledges with a techno-utopian assumption that technology would produce better social or political conditions, and exhibit a pattern of disembodiment. Analysis This article endeavours to disturb ahistorical, monolithic, and disembodied accounts of Saudi women's movements through three interventions: the historicization of the Saudi women's activism and feminist movements; the recognition of the heterogeneity of Saudi women's movements; and finally, the acknowledgement of the corporeality of Saudi women's resistance. Conclusion and implications These interventions facilitate a better, more nuanced, and more contextual understanding of revolutionary and feminist practices, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also elsewhere in the world.

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Canadian Journal of Communication
School of Journalism and Communication

Lim, M. (2018). Unveiling Saudi feminism(s): Historicization, heterogeneity, and corporeality in women's movements. Canadian Journal of Communication, 43(3), 461–479. doi:10.22230/cjc.2018v43n3a3379