Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies moves across a vast terrain of social and political thought to assemble a critical study of the linkages between digital technologies and environmental degradation. It stands as a “meditation on mediation” and communication as a critique of humanity’s “obsessive accumulation of everything” from earth’s finite resources considered through the over-production and consumption of humanity’s love affair with the ‘digital.’ The book makes a substantive intervention in contemporary debates and analyses about the current state of the environment and argues for a politics rebuilt on aesthetic principles that hinges on a rethinking of the ways human beings communicate—and commune—with each other, but also with nature in the sense of a relational understanding of how what we do, what we take, and what we make on this planetary world is deeply interconnected.

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Robinson, S. (2017, June 20). Review of Sean Cubitt, Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies (Durham and London: Duke University Press) 2017. Theory, Culture & Society. Sage Publications.