This article examines how visual methodologies might be incorporated into educational policy studies. By bringing together theoretical perspectives on critical policy studies and visual methodologies, we aim to demonstrate the ways in which the visual can be an important tool to help us interrogate how knowledge is produced through the constructions and representations of policy texts and discourses. In so doing, we suggest that the use of visual methodologies can help us to rethink policy, particularly in relation to studying social difference in globalizing conditions. While we focus here on one set of documents, the annual Global Monitoring Reports associated with Education For All (EFA), our aim overall is to highlight both the methodological and policy implications that could be applied to a variety of official texts.

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South African Journal of Education
Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies

Nguyen, X.T, & Mitchell, C. (Claudia). (2012). On the use of visual methodologies in educational policy research. South African Journal of Education, 32(4), 479–493. doi:10.15700/saje.v32n4a654